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📺 "The Pulse With Dave & FCB D3Code" - Current Events Through The Anon's Lens - Show Notes Included

July 26, 2023

Freedom Channel Broadcast

I'm proud to present my new weekly livestream with the brilliant FCB D3Code on the Freedom Channel Broadcast Network. The Pulse aims to show the audience how the latest world news & events relate back to Q, Military Control, Continuity of Government and The Great Awakening.

📑Scroll down for the show notes and links:

📑 7/26/23 Show Notes & Links:

  1. Sound of Freedom

  2. Trump @ Bedminster - he had a few prominent Anons there and called out Karli Bonne (Midnight Rider):

  3. Caviezel’s +++ Tweet and Connect to the Q drops:

  4. Angel Studios given “special Permission” to keep filming during the Hollywood Strike!:

  5. Public consciousness being seeded with Trafficking narrative:

  6. ABC Producer James Gordon Meek pleads guilty to Child Pornography -

  7. Jess Staley: JP Morgan Epstein:

  8. Economy/Banking/Black Swan

  9. FedNow -

  10. Bank of America Freezing Customer accounts:

  11. JPM issues warning about $78 Billion leaving banks last week:

  12. Unexplained outage at Chase Bank leads to interruptions at Zelle payment network -

  13. Commonwealth Bank in Australia has many branches no longer using cash:

  14. European Central Bank reports collapse in loan demand:

  15. Q Drop - Gold shall destroy Fed:

  16. Trump moved Fed under treasury in 2020:

  17. Trump arrest imminent:

  18. ANOTHER LEAK: Jack Smith to Charge Trump with Civil War Era Civil Rights Violation – Bastardizing the Law to Jail Biden Regime’s Political Opponents -

  19. Q Drop #22 Talks about Lincoln suspending the Constitution & Habeas Corpus in the CIVIL WAR -

  20. Michigan Alternate Trump Electors being “arrested” -

  21. MERS COv — New PLANDemic?:

  22. COVID JAB Truths

  23. Public consciousness being seeded more with COVID/Vaccine truths being revealed

  24. ESPN Reporter collapsing on air:

  25. Grammy Winning Tori Kelly rushed to hospital with blood clots (30 years old):

  26. Daughter of Johnson & Johnson executive dies from Seizure (10 years old):

  27. Lebron’s Son collapses from heart attack (18 years old):

  28. Browns’ Marquise Goodwin suffering from ‘alarming’ blood clots in legs, lungs -

  29. Elon Rebranding Twitter to “X” After 17 Years -

  30. Obama’s WH & Personal Chef “drowning” on Martha’s Vineyard -

  31. Q drop 3474 - Only one drop has the word “CHEF” - exact July 24th Delta :

  32. Obama born at 7:24pm -- =7/24 -

  33. Mirror’s the Clinton’s personal Chef “Drowning” in 2015 just before Hillary ran

  34. They are replaying the same “scenario” in the move for the public to see in 2023 as rumors of “Michelle” running heat up - this time the public sees the game! Clinton 2015 story:

  35. Then it breaks that he suffered “blunt force trauma” -

  36. Cocaine Sharks -

  37. Biden's Crazy Dog -

  38. Romney's Cringe-Worthy National Hot Dog Day Message -

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