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🎥 The White Hat Media Control is More Obvious Every Day

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

July 7, 2022

This is the most watched late night show in America. Listen to the story. Watch the host who can’t even keep a straight face, because it’s simply too absurd. More below:

Then, Ask yourself which absurdity is more plausible:

1) This is all completely real. This is literally happening. An unknown, unquestioned, never named group or individual has a complete copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop and is strategically releasing clips in a perfectly-sequenced manner that’s impossible for the mainstream media to ignore. The one item that can bring down the President of the United States and his entire party is now open source, yet NO ONE knows who’s sending these clips out. The “president’s” son is so stupid that he video’s every nefarious act in which he engages. EVERYTHING. The “President” and his associates are so inept that they don’t do anything to stop the stupidity of the son and/or mask the activities. They just use their spokesperson to ignore any questions, which just magnifies the absurdity of the situation.


The good guys are using propaganda to deprogram the average Americans from decades of media manipulation.

Psychology has proven that the only way to snap someone out of a brainwashed state is to SHOW him or her enough truth so they draw the correct conclusions on their own accord.

The media has been telling us fake stories and showing us fake images and videos for decades. Is it really that difficult to envision the good guys creating fake clips of “Hunter” to sell a narrative that Awakens Americans to the truth and critical thinking?

It’s not for me.



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