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🎥 Then & Now: The Fake News on Q - 2013 vs 2022

December 13, 2022

Much of the mainstream, CIA-sponsored mockingbird media's propaganda operations rely on flooding viewers with so much conflicting information that they forget what was said about a particular person or topic in the past. Here is a prime example...

CNN's Jake Tapper - THEN & NOW: reporting on NSA's Q Group in 2013 versus NSA's Q group in 2022.

You'd think after 9 years Tapper would be able to connect the dots.

🟨 Q = Q Group + Worldwide Anonymous Researchers, Prayer Warriors, Meme makers, Shitposters, and Freedom Fighters,• Anons = Patriotic Researchers and Digital Soldiers•

🟨 Q Group = No Such Agency's Counterintelligence Watchers' of the Group


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