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🟨 There is Only One ‘Truth’

April 19, 2023

By Maryann Chambers | Telegram

Patriots and Frog Family

There are 21 deltas for April 19th. I frog double dare ya to read them and have an “aha” moment. The closer we get to the finish line, the easier it is to read the deltas and/or any q posts and say “wow! I get it now!”.

We truly have awakened an awfully lot but we are not there just yet. There is still a lot of truth that will be coming out. Some may be hard for us to embrace but the truth is what we are fighting for. Knowing the truth will fortify our freedom and keep our children safe.

I was taught that great power without great understanding will destroy much of what we have gained over a very long time. It has also been stated that not only learning from the past but understanding why things came about will ensure that the same mistakes are not made in the future.

Think about that for a moment. We have been learning the truth by jumping down the rabbit holes where we learned that just about EVERYTHING we know…that EVERYTHING we were ever taught or told… was a lie…. That is very difficult to deal with but we are the chosen ones to turn things around….and we are!!!

One of the most potent lies we have been told all our lives is that there is more than one truth. When we call it “truth”, it is either true or not. Opinions are opinions and don’t make it truth. At this stage we realize that our enslavers were trying to convince us that 2+2=5 and it is ok to believe that or that 2+2=12 etc. We KNOW that 2+2=4….not 5, 6 or whatever.

We started this mission when we happened on finding out the truth of what was happening to our children. We took off our blinders and saw that our own government…our celebrities…our media…and even our churches….were all distorting and/or outright lying to us. We were the brave ones that stood up and started challenging their lies.

There is only ONE truth….not variations. 2+2 does not equal 5 and never will. We stick to the truth so our children will be safe. We stick to the truth because we know lies have enslaved us. We stick to the truth to gain our freedom. Truth is the only weapon we have ever needed.

We also learned one major thing in our fight for freedom…we learned that GOD IS TRUTH. When we say that God is truth we acknowledge that truth itself proceeds from the nature of God. While many things can have the truth, only one thing can be the truth, with that one thing being God Himself. That statement is not an opinion, it is true in every form but it is up to you to believe it and embrace it or not.

We need to keep searching for all truth but we must understand that in searching for truth is a private journey. We must seek it ourselves and never fall into the same trap of just being followers to someone else’s beliefs or opinions. In this mission we have been told repeatedly that we need to do our own research. Using the excuse that we are too busy is not acceptable any longer. If truth is really important to us, we will make the time to find it.

We have always heard that “truth is what you make it.” Is it? When we finally learn that Truth is Truth, then we will have truly won.

Stay alert…Stay prepared…Stay united. Love and light to all.

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 4/19/23



You will notice that I have been posting less to the website in recent weeks. That is by design. As more and more truth comes into the public consciousness, it's simply not possible for one person to keep a website updated in real time. Instead, I'm focused more on commentary and guidance through the thousands of pages of resources already on this platform and others like it. As events and disclosure will undoubtedly continue to evolve more rapidly, I encourage everyone to follow us on Telegram for the most up to date information and commentary every day:


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