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🎥 MAGA Inc: Trump's First "Campaign" Add Has A Curious Twist

November 17, 2022

My observations:

1) The add mentions nothing about 2024.  Not even in the concluding graphics.

💡Marketing 101: The most important part of delivering a message is repetition. The closing argument of any commercial is brand and call to action. The brand is his name. The call to action is "I'm running in 2024 and will be asking for your vote." The brand and the call to action are always displayed together so people make the association: "Trump 2024". You simply don't leave "2024" out of the ad and replace it with "Inc", which is something that's never been highlighted or announced and is unfamiliar with your mass audience.

2) The closing message says " MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, INC.", NOT "Trump 2024" - IMO

3) I wrote about "Make America Great Again, INC" when it was first placed on the jumbotrons at a rally in (October, I believe - recently).

At the time I said that the "INC" was a troll of sorts on the now bankrupt and definct United States INCORPORATED.

IMO, all of this supports the use of optics in Trumps "Announcement" event.

He did not announce his candidacy for the Corporation Government in 2024. He announced he is announcing his "Candidacy for President of The United States" - no year, no corporation.

He's referring to special elections, coming soon to a new REPUBLIC near you!




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