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🎞 What We're Watching: And We Know - Dan Scavino Comm Suggests Something Big on the Horizon

In recent years, millions of Anons worldwide have formed what General Flynn refers to as a "Digital Army," in response to the revelations that the mainstream media is far more corrupt and controlled than most knew. We all share just one goal - exposing the truths that Government, Hollywood and the Mainstream Media are keeping from the American People. As with everything we post,. this is merely information to stimulate critical thinking. Do not take our word for anything. Do not blindly believe what you see here. Watch. Absorb. Ask Questions and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

Music Battle Cry Song by Rhythm Scott

Jim Caviezel Decries “The Adrenochroming of Children,” As if That’s a Thing

Johnny Depp talking about Adrenochrome

Tell the world the Truth …send it to Hollywood..Lin Wood

Stanford study quietly published at proves face masks are absolutely worthless against Covid

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