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Wisconsin House Speaker Robin Vos Calls for “CYBER FORENSIC AUDIT” of State's 2020 Election Results

August 25, 2021

For months The Gateway Pundit has reported on Wisconsin’s Speaker Robin Vos. For months the Wisconsin Speaker refused to order a forensic audit of the state’s 2020 Election results.

But then last weekend Speaker Robin Vos traveled with President Trump on a private plane to the massive political rally in Alabama.

Via NBC15:

Wisconsin State Representative Robin Vos traveled by private plane with President Trump and top staff to attend his rally in Alabama Saturday afternoon.
According to a press release from State Representative Vos, Vos spent the day sharing with Trump his plans to restore integrity and trust in elections in Wisconsin.
“While our attempts to make common sense election reforms to close loopholes and standardize procedures were vetoed by Governor Evers, we have doubled down on our top-to-bottom investigation by Special Counsel Justice Michael Gableman,” says Vos. “We will do whatever it takes to help Justice Gableman uncover reports of systematic fraud in our forensic audit.”

Then this happened.

Speaker Vos on Wednesday called for a “cyber forensic audit” of the state’s 2020 election results.

This is the first time Speaker Vos has promoted a cyber forensic audit so this is BIG NEWS.

Wisconsin grassroots leader Jefferson E. Davis sent out this list of updates from Wisconsin today.

Please consider the following updates regarding the Wisconsin Full Forensic Cyber Audit (FFCA):

  • Breaking NewsSpeaker Vos totally changes course and now calls for “cyber-forensic audit” (see attached Statement). The verdict is still out.

  • Turning Wisconsin Red Map has been updated with 31 Counties in the fold and the map now has the phone numbers of Speaker Vos, Senator Kapenga and Senator LeMahieu to contact for their signature and how many days it’s been since the subpoenas were dropped for Brown and Milwaukee Counties (see attached). Washington County is the latest GOP Leadership Team to help Turn Wisconsin Red (see attached). Updates from other Counties forthcoming shortly.

  • Ad-hoc Committee met in emergency session on August 24th and will have some recommendations for the County GOP Leadership Teams and affiliated groups on how to politely and professionally approach Legislators to encourage them to support the “full forensic cyber audit” that Speaker Vos is now calling for.

  • Well respected and independent voting integrity non-profit organization, Look Ahead America ( , recently released their evaluation of the November 3, 2020 Federal Election in Wisconsin showing, according to their research, that some 157,000 illegal ballots were cast in the election (see attached).

  • Former Chief-of-Staff to President Trump, Reince Priebus, appeared on Real America Voice ( yesterday and is now calling for a “full forensic cyber audit in Wisconsin. This is also a change in the type of language being used by Priebus ( Let’s see if it sticks.

  • One can only wonder if the atrocities occurring in Afghanistan might have been avoided if election fraud in Wisconsin would have been prevented.

Looking forward to our next update tomorrow.


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