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17% of Biden Voters Would Have Abandoned Him if They Knew About Stories the Media Censored

March 17, 2022

By Kipp Jones | The Western Journal

Originally Published: November 24, 2020 at 6:28pm

As many as 17 percent of those who voted for Democrat Joe Biden might have chosen differently at the polls, had they been given fair media coverage of the candidates in the weeks leading up to the election, according to a report.

Alleged election malfeasance aside, the establishment media, as expected, played a large part in interfering with the 2020 election, as was concluded by Newbusters.

Their censorship of Biden’s scandalous campaign outraged conservatives and proponents for media transparency.

But millions of people were unaware of Biden’s scandals and extreme positions, meaning the censorship campaign to hide information about Biden was a success.

The media watchdog noted the obvious anti-Trump bias in media, while also evaluating the effects of its blackout on presumptive president-elect Joe Biden’s scandals and radical policy positions.

Newsbusters noted that the media’s decision to openly run interference for Biden “meant millions of voters cast their ballots knowing only what the media permitted them to know about the candidates.”

A post-election poll has revealed that once made aware of Biden’s scandalous candidacy, many of the Democrat’s voters might have a bit of buyer’s remorse.

“To measure the true effect of the media’s censorship on the election, the Media Research Center asked The Polling Company to survey 1,750 Biden voters in seven swing states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), six of which (all but North Carolina) were called for Biden,” Newsbusters reported.

“We tested these voters’ knowledge of eight news stories — all important topics that our ongoing analysis had shown the liberal news media had failed to cover properly. We found that a huge majority (82%) of Biden voters were unaware of at least one of these key items, with five percent saying they were unaware of all eight of the issues we tested,” the watchdog group added.

The poll found that 35.4 percent of Biden voters were unaware of credible sexual assault allegations against him. Had those voters known about the story, the survey concluded 8.9 percent of them would have voted differently.

Even fewer Biden voters, 45.1 percent, knew about the Hunter Biden email scandal, which implicates Biden himself. Had those voters been aware of the scandal, 9.4 percent of them would have defected.

Roughly one-quarter of respondents were unaware that Sen. Kamala Harris of California, Biden’s running mate, was listed as the Senate’s most liberal member, and if they had, 4.1 percent of them would have changed their votes.

While the media covered for Biden’s deficits as a candidate, one part of its vast censorship campaign included hiding the numerous successes of Trump’s leadership.

The biggest issue was the media blackout of the third quarter record GDP annual growth rate of 33.1 percent, which was a massive positive for Trump.

Forty-nine percent of Biden voters had no idea the country had made such a comeback from the COVID lockdowns.

If those voters had been informed, 5.6 percent of them would not have voted for Biden.

Record economic growth, Middle East peace agreements, positive coronavirus vaccine developments and the country’s energy independence were all ignored by the establishment media.

Newsbusters further reported, for example, “Our poll found 36.1% of Biden voters said they did not know about the administration’s key role in promoting vaccine research through Operation Warp Speed.”

“If they had, 5.3% told us they would have abandoned Biden, flipping Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, giving the President 295 electoral votes,” Newsbusters added.

When evaluating the response of Biden’s voters to stories of which they were largely unaware, Newsbusters noted “our poll found that a total of 17% of Biden’s voters told us they would have changed their vote if they had been aware of one or more of these important stories.”

Add the media’s interference with the obvious anti-Trump bias and outright censorship of conservatives on social media, and the fix was in.

The media watchdog concluded that had it not been for the establishment media’s open campaign of censorship, President Trump would have won every battleground state, and cruised to re-election in the electoral college, garnering 311 votes to Biden’s 227.

The poll, if accurate, highlights just how much influence the establishment media still wields.

Despite the interference, nearly 74 million Americans cast ballots for Trump, which is a silver lining, and evidence that the media’s influence might be waning.

This is of course assuming the reported results, as of today, are accurate.

The election results are of course still contested.

The Polling Company surveyed 1,750 Biden voters online in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin from Nov. 9-18

The poll reported an accuracy of plus or minus 2.34 percentage points.


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