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🎥 2nd Grade Student Suddenly Dies, Kids Struggling to Concentrate Post-Vaccination

November 30, 2022

An epidemic of sudden death by “unknown cause” is taking effect in Canada. It has overtaken dementia and heart disease to become Alberta’s top killer. And after doctors have had to comply — or else to strict vaccine mandates, 93 Canadian physicians have now succumbed to sudden death.

But it’s not just doctors who are dying.

Canadian doctor William Makis reported heavy-hearted news while speaking to Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.

It’s not just doctors who are dying suddenly or unexpectedly. Of course, doctors are the most vaccinated young people. Most of them have had four shots, even five shots. They have to be fully vaccinated to be able to work. But it’s other professions that are seeing sudden deaths as well. We’re seeing it in nurses. We’re seeing it in paramedics, police, firefighters — but now we’re even seeing it in teachers. I’ve recently been contacted by an Alberta teacher who wishes to remain anonymous, but this individual told me that they’ve just lost a grade 2 student in their school. They’ve just lost suddenly — sudden death. They’ve also lost a teacher in their 30s — also sudden death, sudden cardiac death. And they are panicking. For them, this is unprecedented. And they’ve reached out to me, and they said they’ve been silent. They’ve been silent up to now, but they’re seeing sudden deaths. They’re seeing injuries, kids are getting immune reactions — asthma. They’re having all kinds of reactions; they can’t concentrate in class. Kids can’t concentrate in class after the vaccination. So this is really, really worrying. And teachers are now starting to reach out to me and tell me what they’re seeing in the classrooms.
We’re seeing sudden death at rates we’ve never before — but we’re also seeing these strange, white clots.

“And the data just keeps growing and growing with respect to these clots and things that we’re seeing,” commented Laura-Lynn. “Absolutely,” replied Makis.

Now there’s a new movie out that’s going viral called ‘Died Suddenly’ — produced by Stew Peters. And it’s got over 10 million views on rumble. And they’re showing these bizarre clots that are forming in people who’ve died following the vaccination. It’s not just regular blood clots. It’s these long, rubbery, white-grayish blood clots that look like rubber bands or calamari. And there’s actually research that’s been done on this. Scientists have taken blood — they’ve exposed it to the spike protein, and they saw, right away, the blood starts clumping almost immediately. As soon as it’s exposed to the spike protein, [it] starts clumping immediately. Then you start getting all these proteins getting built into the blood clots — these amyloid proteins that make amyloid fibrils, and you end up with these long, long clots very firm, very rubbery. And the body cannot degrade these clots. So the body is unable to break these clots down, and when people are put on blood thinners, the blood thinners don’t work. So doctors are discovering that regular blood thinners don’t actually work on these clots.

This is really worrisome information. If you’d like more info on how to help you or someone you love detox the spike protein out of the body, the World Council for Health’s guide is a great place to start.


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