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🎥 A Look Back: How The Media Convinced US The US Border Wasn't Worth $5 Billion

May 24, 2022

Context is the great equalizer. Since February, the Federal Government has now sent over $54 Billion taxpayer Dollars to Ukraine to support of the protection of their sovereignty. So, as the media establishment continues to cheerlead the Zelensky Celebrity propaganda campaign and the Coastal elites proudly wear their Bule & Yellow lapel pins, it's a good time for some context.

Do most Americans even remember that Congress wouldn't give President Trump $5 Billion to complete the Southern Border Wall in 2018?

The criminals let the Government be shut down over $5 Billion that would have secured our border. $5 Billion! As we have given TEN TIMES - $54 Billion Dollars to secure the border in Ukraine. But the worst part? Most Americans don't remember the $5 Billion because they didn't know. They didn't know because of the lies, manipulation and pure propaganda endlessly pushed out by the Democrats, Elites, and Mainstream Media in a coordinated effort to brainwash the people. The agenda has always been to keep the Southern Border open to support their criminal enterprises of drug, weapon and human trafficking. While the Government is directly responsible, the Treasonous Mainstream Media is equally as complicit. DO NOT EVER FORGET what these people - in Government AND in MEDIA have done to this Country.


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