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🎥 Andrew Giuliani LASHES OUT at Biden DOJ following Raid on His Father’s Home and Office

“If This Can Happen to the President’s Lawyer, It Can Happen to Anyone!” – Andrew Giuliani

Published April 28, 2021 at 3:51pm

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is one of the most honorable politicians in America today.

On Tuesday the Biden administration’s Justice Department obtained a search warrant for Rudy Giuliani and used it to search his New York City apartment and office, seizing records and electronic devices.

This is payback time for Joe Biden.

It is well known that Rudy Giuliani exposed the Biden crime family and their illegal and unethical dealings with numerous foreign governments and regimes including Ukraine.

And it is well known that the Biden Crime Family pushed the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor investigating Joe Biden’s crooked and drug-addled son Hunter Biden.

Today the Biden DOJ bit back.

Department of Justice operatives raided Rudy Giuliani’s home and office in New York City.

This is like something you hear about in communist regimes or banana republics, not America.

Democrats, no doubt, cheered this news.

This afternoon Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew Giuliani spoke to reporters about this unfathomable move by the deep state DOJ.

Andrew Giuliani:Enough is enough! The only piece of evidence that they did not take up there today was the only piece of incriminating evidence that is in there. And it does not belong to my father, it belongs to the current president’s son… All I will say is this, to all Americans out there our Justice Department should be independent of politics. Enough is enough, ladies and gentlemen. We cannot stand for this anymore. And again, if this can happen to the president’s lawyer, this can happen to any one of us.



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