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🎥 Australia-USA Round Table w Capt. Kyle, SG Anon, Riccardo Bosi, Dave Graham & FCB D3CODE

February 21, 2023

Capt Kyle, Kelly, Navy Spec Op Vet Tironianae & SG Anon join our Aussie brothers for an Aussie - USA Round Table to discuss World Events & Geopolitical Updates.

Capt Kyle's Telegram Voice Chat and Channel will give you the real news, all that the main stream media will not tell you. Join our Telegram Channel to take part live in these future chats... Link below

The discussion is an analysis on what we are seeing and the latest updates.

Please join our Telegram channel so you too can listen live, as well as take part in our Q&A Segments.

Join our Telegram Channel with this link:

Also check out our special guests Channel Links: Tironianae's Channel on Telegram at this link:

SG Anon Rumble Channel:


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