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Baltimore Police Union Fights Back – Tells Officers Not To Reveal Vaccine Status

October 16, 2021

The fight against vaccine mandates continues to grow.

The Baltimore police union told their officers not to reveal their vaccine status.

The Baltimore police union told its officers Friday not to reveal their coronavirus vaccine status due to the city’s lack of communication.

“It is understandable that our members have questions about a policy with so little information being provided by the city. Until the city responds to our right to bargain these issues, or the courts intervene, I suggest you do nothing in regard to revealing your vaccination status as it is outlined in the city’s policy,” Sgt. Mike Mancuso, president of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 3, said in the letter to members.

Mancuso said his group has been trying to talk to the city for weeks about its “various, and very obvious, issues with their vague policy.”

“FOP3 believes that there are multiple collective bargaining issues that surround the city’s vaccination policy. We have made multiple attempts to sit down and discuss these issues to no avail,” he said.

The Baltimore police union isn’t the only union fighting back.

The Chicago police union chief told his officers to ignore Chicago’s vaccine mandate.

The Chicago police union chief called on officers to ignore the city’s vaccine mandate set to take effect on Friday.

In a video posted to YouTube , Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara told officers, “Do not fill out the portal information.”

“I’ve made my status very clear as far as the vaccine, but I do not believe the city has the authority to mandate that to anybody — let alone that information about your medical history,” Catanzara said.

The city’s vaccine mandate will place officers who do not submit proof of vaccination by the deadline on a “no pay” status. The police union is preparing a lawsuit against the city of Chicago.



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