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🎥 Bannon: 'Mind Blowing' Bad Poll Numbers for Biden

Nobody in America thinks the Biden clown show is funny. Nobody’s laughing.

The numbers for Joe Biden in a recent Wall Street Journal poll are devastating. Only 27 percent of America believe the Biden regime is on the right track. However, a massive 63% of Americans believe the Biden sham administration is on the wrong track. It’s really no surprise this is the case with the clowns Biden/Obama picked for this administration, a bunch of Obama flunkies who didn’t know what was going on under Obama as well.

After stealing the 2020 Election, the reputation and approval of this corrupt regime is at unprecedented lows. Steve Bannon shared this on the War Room on Tuesday (starting at the 3:50 mark in the video below):

There’s a rule of thumb in politics on right-track, wrong-track. If you get down to around a third right track, two-thirds against you, that’s too big a headwind. That’s what we had in ’16 when I stepped in, I said hey, it’s two-thirds, one-third under Obama. She’s [Hillary’s] done. Plus all this other points showing people want a leader like Trump.
27% is unprecedented ladies and gentlemen. These are numbers that have not been seen before. This is worse than when Nixon was walking out to the helicopter. These are unprecedented numbers. Talk about killing the crib. Eviscerated. This administration is done. You can’t come back from numbers like this.”


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