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Biden Imports Oil From Iran For First Time Since 1991, Ignoring US Law Against Iran Imports

Source: The GateWay Pundit & Financial Post

For the first time since 1991, the US imported oil from Iran.

According to the Financial Post:

The United States imported a rare cargo of 1.033 million barrels of Iranian crude in March despite sanctions on Iran’s energy sector, data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration showed.

The cargo is only the second oil import by the United States from Iran since late 1991, data on EIA’s website showed.

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President Trump imposed sanctions against Iran due to the Iranian regime’s numerous atrocities and terrorist actions.

In October of 2020 the President added more:

The Trump administration on Thursday announced sweeping new sanctions on Iran’s financial sector, targeting at least 18 banks in a move that critics say will hamper humanitarian assistance during the pandemic.
The fresh round of sanctions is part of the administration’s “maximum pressure campaign” that aims to push the Islamic republic toward negotiations over its nuclear program and prevent the country from financing military actions throughout the Middle East.

Of course when the President stood with the people of Iran, the US and world media sided with the terrorist leaders of Iran. The media even made up alibis for the terrorist regime’s disgusting actions.

Now the Obama/Biden administration has imported oil from Iran. This action tells Iran that Obama is back with them and they can continue their ways of building a nuke and terrorizing the Middle East and the world.

There is no other way to explain what is happening with the Biden-Obama 2.0 foreign policy. It is pure evil.

These are not good people.

You cannot lead a country when you hate its people so much that you would rather import oil from a wicked terrorist regime than allow American workers to produce that same product.

Joe Biden’s first action as president was to shut down construction of the Keystone Pipeline and eliminating an estimated.52,100 American jobs in the process.

Canceling the Keystone Pipeline costs over 11,000 construction jobs and 42,100 jobs throughout the US during the construction process according to the US State Department.

Then in May Joe Biden and his handlers waved American economic sanctions on Russia in order to streamline construction on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany.

And then this past weekend we found out Joe Biden imported oil from the terror regime in Iran that is committed to destroying Israel and has murdered tens of thousands of its own citizens.

This is not about politics. This is about good versus evil.

And the Biden regime and their supporters are clearly evil.

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