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🎥 Biden’s Border Patrol Detains Journalists at Gunpoint as 60 Illegals Walk Right By

March 20, 2022

How much more is it going to take before America Wakes up?

Journalists with the Real America's Voice TV network were detained by border patrol agents at the southern U.S. border on Friday, with a reporter describing being "detained at gunpoint" amid the open crossing of illegal immigrants into the United States.

Ben Bergquam, a reporter with Real America's Voice — with whom Just the News is partnered — posted a video depicting him in the back of a border patrol vehicle, showing what appeared to be a border patrol agent directing Bergquam's colleagues with his gun drawn.

"And all of this is happening [with] 60 illegal [immigrants] just standing by the wall, no problem," Bergquam said.

In an exclusive statement to Just the News, Bergquam said that he has "been to this section of the border many times, both with law enforcement escorts and without, and have never had an encounter like this."



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