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BREAKING: FRAUD WILL STAND – Supreme Court Rejects Last Election Fraud Cases Without Comment

UPDATE: March 2, 2021 12:40pm

The US Supreme Court dismissed President Trump’s final election challenge on Monday without comment.

What a dark day for America.

Democrats are now allowed to make any changes to election law whenever they feel necessary without consequence.

The Supreme Court also threw out Attorney Lin Wood’s election challenge without comment.

The Supreme Court turned down EVERY SINGLE election case this year without comment.

What a tragedy.

It was the Trump Wisconsin case that was dismissed this morning.


UPDATE: March 2, 2021 12:40pm

Sidney Powell Responds to SCOTUS Decision on Election Fraud Cases

My comment for the press on SCOTUS rulings today: “The Supreme Court’s failure to date to address the massive election fraud and multiple constitutional violations that wrought a coup of the presidency of the greatest country in world history completes the implosion of each of our three branches of government into the rubble of a sinkhole of corruption.

It is an absolute tragedy for the Rule of Law, the future of what was a Republic, and all freedom-loving people around the world.”


Last Monday the United States Supreme Court refused to review the Pennsylvania 2020 Election cases.

The court made the announcement last Monday morning.

Justices Alito, Gorsuch, and Thomas dissented from the denial.

Today, following their inaction last week, the US Supreme Court rejected without comment or explanation, lingering 2020 election challenges by Attorney Sidney Powell in Arizona and Wisconsin.

The Supreme Court rejected two mandamus petitions that Sidney Powell and other “Kraken”-aligned lawyers filed in late December. Those cases were stylized as In re Tyler Bowyer, et al. and In Re William Feehan. The cases took issue with the election results in Arizona and Wisconsin, where Trump lost to Joe Biden.


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