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Brown U Study Finds Masking, Reduced Interaction Has Led to 21% Drop in Babies’ IQ, Post-Pandemic

The Fauci formula for covid mitigation is destroying the next generation. Masks, Lockdowns, and Isolation present a disastrous recipe for developing children. Now, the research is emerging of the impact on children.

Here and Here are news reports on the Brown University Study about the 21% precipitous drop in babies IQ as a result of the Covid Pandemic. Not surprisingly, the researchers found that because of reduced interaction during lockdowns children are suffering a drop in cognitive, verbal and motor skills. Mean IQs for children age 3 months to 3 years old dropped from 100 before the pandemic to 79 during it.

Isolation is bad for babies. Newborn babies are not passive observers. They need constant stimulation from loving and caring parents and adults. Babies are wired from observing their environment. In the first year of a baby’s life, more than one million new neural connections are forming ever second within the baby’s brain. This is how they process information of the world around them. They learn from studying faces.

Lockdown isolation with grandparents, friends and family unable to visit the newborn is causing great harm to the babies. Parental stress and constant distraction is causing serious problems for newborns.

The researched added that mask wearing by adults may have also impacted baby’s developmental markers. Babies learn from adult facial cues. When 3/4 of the face is covered the child is unable to read expressions, messages, language and feelings.

Researchers also found that children from lower socio economic backgrounds fared worse in the tests.

Lockdowns don’t work against covid. Masks don’t against covid. Now we know that both are highly detrimental to children.

Here’s a great study from Yale University on helping your child to learn.

Child advocates learned the deleterious effects of children who weren’t nurtured and who were isolated from human contact by studying the Orphanages in Romania during the brutal reign of the Romanian Dictator Nicholas Ceausescu who housed hundreds of orphans in state run orphanages. Read the impact of that isolation on these babies HERE.

Bottom line: Unmask the Children, Lift the Lockdowns, and Start Living again. The children have suffered enough.


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