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California Caught Rigging the Governor Election Against Larry Elder and Those Who Voted for Recall

August 20, 2021

As the California governor recall election takes off, efforts to sabotage the Elder candidacy and those who voted for the recall are in full force.

There are already reports of efforts to steal the California governor election for Gavin Newsom. No one likes Newsom. He was horrible over the past year in instituting draconian measures to inhibit freedom during the COVID crisis. He is hated.

So the Democrats have to cheat some more.

A couple of examples are provided below.

In this first example, Republican candidate Larry Elder is noticeably impacted by the way the ballot was created and folds added to the ballot. This is a low-tech hack of a ballot.

When folds run through candidate vote space it either does not scan and forces adjudication OR outright misaligns and auto-cancels the vote.

The design of the ballot will negatively impact Elder.

This second hack is referred to as the “postman hack”. This simple low-level hack perpetrated on voters is one of many ways a vote can be stolen. This is just one of them. Think about it if 10,000 of these votes were stolen? This is sometimes the narrow thin margin nefarious actors need to win!

The Democrats will continue to cheat as long as they get away with it. It’s time for Americans in California to stand up for freedom and justice and free and fair elections.

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