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🎥 For The Anons, “It Had To Be This Way”

Originally published: October 28, 2022

"The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent."

-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

In a recent live stream, Charlie Ward said the following about his role in the Q Military Intelligence Operation:

“I Know I've Been Used As A Distraction...I Have No Problem With That At All."

He was referring to the fact that he, like many truthers connected to the military, have often been given purposeful misinformation to pass on to his followers.

I find this statement very interesting. Other high profile truthers and Anons have since come out and eluded to similar epiphanies - they were purposely duped by the Military and the Q team. It seems we are beginning to get clarity on all of the false starts and dates that were thrown out over the past ~24 months from those in the sphere of military operations.

The more I think about the subject from a Military strategy standpoint, it does make sense. It's my belief that:

1) The Military did not want more than a small percentage of the population to be directly involved in the Q movement until we reached the end of the operation. They needed a group that was dedicated, trained in the right way and that could execute a grassroots media campaign to break the hold that the legacy media held over the rest of the people. But, if the numbers got too large, the movement would have taken on a life of its own and the Military wouldn't have been able to properly control what we put out as a group.

2) The Military always knew that it would take 5+ years from the date of the first Q drop to bring about the big [DECLAS]. But, they couldn't tell us that for operational security.

3) The Military needed to control the narrative coming from the Q movement and was very well-aware that millions of Digital Soldiers, many working 24/7, would get too close to certain truths and needed a way to "reel us in" when needed.

4) They needed the Anons to be trained in an ENORMOUS amount of information and methodologies in order for the operation to be successful and to ensure there is a group of people ready to help support the rest of humanity once [DECLAS] happens. This is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT and something that all of us should take very seriously. Our most significant work is ahead of us, not behind.

We know from Q that dates, time stamps, mirrors, double-meanings, misinformation, misspellings, etc were all "necessary" and were utilized.

I believe that "it had to be this way" has multiple meanings.

I believe that the Q team purposely sacrificed all of us at times. They knew that we would run out at certain times and tell everyone about the dates that we thought we knew from the boards or from the information given to truthers.

I believe this was done for reasons involving all 4 points above:

1) Q was never meant to be a predictor of events ("future proves past"), nor was it meant to be a media outlet for the general public. This is a military intelligence dissemination operation and they kept the group small by making us look like wing nuts. I know many people that followed Q in the beginning and dropped out, simply because they were looking for instant gratification and lost interest when dates weren't hit. I'm ok with this tactic by the Military, because I believe that only the strongest Anons stuck with it and that makes for a fortified and dedicated movement.

2) I believe the false dates, while painful, gave much needed hope to Anons in the darkest days of 2021 and 2022. Psychologically, it makes sense that the Military knew that even if they could have given a more clear timeline, many would have "lost it" if anyone came out on January 20, 2021 and said, "buckle up, Trump won't be back until 2023." They HAD to ease us into that.

3) I believe that the top Anons were also used as distractions and given the false dates by the Q team. It makes perfect sense, in retrospect, that there was a need to keep the movement from collectively exposing and pushing out certain truths until the military was ready. They trained the Anon's well and knew there would be times when they needed to "pump the brakes" on the speed in which the movement was working.

4) I think we can all agree that the amount of truth we have learned about the world in which we live has extended FAR beyond what any of us could have imagined. The shear scale and complexity of the Q operation is beyond anything that we could have imagined. I do believe that the military knew that it would take years to properly train a large enough group of us to help insure a soft landing for the rest of society when [DECLAS] happens. Personally, I'm in awe of the amount of information that I have absorbed on this long journey and I'm incredibly grateful to each and every Patriot that I've interacted with for what we have achieved together.

I agree with Charlie - Now that I look at everything from a 40,000 foot view, I have no problem at all with how we have been used. I'm proud to be a part of this and never thought I would be a small part in something that is so much larger than I am. It has been the most difficult time of our lives, but we are still here and we are WINNING!

Stay Strong. Stay Proud. Stay Grounded. Pray. Hold the Line.

And remember....Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. NOTHING. WWG1WGA



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