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CHECKMATE? Why Did Biden Hire An Outside Security Firm for Inauguration

So does this add up?

The Cartel's narrative might be believable, if they were better about scrubbing old stores from the internet.

During the post-election love-fest for the cognitively-impaired former VP, The media Cartel detailed the $7.5 million private security firm retained by Biden for the inauguration.....

12/16/20 - $7.5mm Private Contract Announced

This is the same firm that secures Papal visits and Gubernatorial that don't include the protection of 25,000 armed US Military personnel...

....and the Secret Service

....and the FBI

.....and DCPD

....and Capitol Hill Police

.....and pretty much anyone in the Beltway that carries a gun.

These officers, troops and agents will collectively guard the same inauguration that was planned to be "virtual" in early December:

The same "virtual" inauguration that will see all 25,000 armed military personal occupying an actual "green zone" in Washington DC. LINK

All of this, for the the same Joe Biden that has been under Secret Service protection since 2018.

Verdict? Too many unanswered questions. Add it to the list.




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