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China Upped Its Donations to the Biden Center 400% with $50M Sent After Biden Announced Candidacy

July 4, 2021

China upped its donations to the Biden Center 400% as soon as Biden announced his campaign for the Presidency. China inserted $50M to the Biden Center after Biden’s announcement that he was running. reported:

What many may not know about is the Biden Center that operates out of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)…

… It turns out that Chinese donations for the Biden Center increased by nearly 400% the same year he announced his bid for President.

The Biden Center opened in March 2017, about a year before Biden announced his 2020 presidential campaign.

The complaint [from the NLCP] charges that in 2017, out of a total of $7.7 million in donations from China, $500,000 came from anonymous donors. After Biden launched his campaign in 2018, the total jumped to $27.1 million, with anonymous donors giving $15.8 million. And in 2019, Chinese donors gave $26.9 million to the center, $6 million anonymously.

“Academia is awash in Chinese cash,” Flaherty said. “It’s time for administrators to start answering questions about it.” When you pair the vast sums of money with the timing of Joe’s election campaign, it’s pretty clear that the Chinese money wasn’t just because China cares about educating the next generation. It seems that this was all about access to the Oval Office. Biden is also seemingly rewarding the people responsible for helping him get away with this. Joe is recruiting all the people associated with the Biden Center and putting them in powerful roles within the government. Specifically in the areas of foreign policy.

We’ve reported that per Hunter Biden’s emails we could see that China was helping the Biden campaign during Biden’s campaign.

The entanglements between the Biden camp and China are many. There are enough known relationships to properly say China had infiltrated the Biden camp and was using this for China’s benefit.

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