CNN Says Americans Are OK Paying Higher Gas Prices if it Means Holding Putin Accountable 😂

March 9, 2020

This is CNN.

CNN actually said Americans are totally ok with paying higher gas prices if it means sticking it to Vladimir Putin. They said this with a straight face.


Joe Biden and CNN are actually claiming that soaring gas prices are Russia’s fault and have nothing to do with Biden’s war on the US energy sector.

Gas prices already rose $1.14 from the time Biden took office to the day Putin invaded Ukraine but Biden is blaming Russia anyway.

And a certain percent of Americans actually believe this.

“People we’ve spoken to over the last couple of weeks – they’re OK paying higher [gas] prices if it means holding Russia accountable for what they are doing in Ukraine,” a CNN reporter said on Tuesday.

Who did CNN ask?

Multimillionaire George Takei?

SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit