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🎥 Colorado Hero Tina Peters Releases Report: Dominion Voting Machines in 2020 Election Were Illegal

March 8, 2022

Tina Peters, who was attacked by the Soros-backed Colorado Secretary of State, released a report on the hard drives of the Dominion voting machines used in Colorado in the 2020 Election.

This report has many shocking findings.

Tina Peters is the election worker in Colorado who backed up the voting machines in her county when the corrupt Soros-backed Secretary of State in that state demanded that all voting machines be altered in a manner that erased election data (which is against the law). Ms. Peters was attacked for her actions.

Recently in early February Peters was interrupted at a local restaurant by police and arrested on some garbage charges. What are the chances that Peters is being harassed and attacked because she knew too much? They might be pretty good.

Ms. Peters recently sent a report to the state of Colorado with the results from an investigation into the Dominion voting machines used in her state in the 2020 Election. The report is damning. It shows that the county’s voting machines were illegally certified and illegally configured in the 2020 Election. The report lists a number of significant issues in the executive summary of the report.

Here is the full report from Tina Peters:

SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit


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