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🎥 Compliance Not Enough: Delta Flight Attendants Threaten Man for Wearing FJB Hoodie, Kick Him Off

March 10, 2022

Sometimes compliance just isn’t enough with mask police.

A man was removed from a Delta Airlines flight this week after attendants were so triggered by his “F*ck Biden” sweatshirt that they couldn’t bear to allow him to remain on the plane even after he took it off.

Jauneil Brooks was on a layover flight in New York after participating in the ongoing truckers for freedom convoy in DC when the nightmare incident unfolded, causing him to have to find other arrangements for his trip back home.


Citing a nonexistent company policy, the cabin crew threatened Brooks with placement on the no-fly list for daring to express a political opinion they did not like. He was ordered to remove the clothing or risk the entire plane being grounded – which he reluctantly did. But, even after he complied with their nonsensical orders, they revoked his ticket and kicked him off the flight anyway.

Video of the incident was posted online by Brooks shortly after it happened. The flight attendant can be seen telling Brooks that his clothing violates Delta’s company policy, so he must take it off completely or flip it inside out in order to keep his seat.

“If you don’t come on the jet bridge, and flip your shirt outside in and out, right? So that word doesn’t show, I will have to deplane the whole aircraft,” the flight attendant said.

“I’m sorry about that sir, but that is the policy, you cannot wear that,” she continued, this time with the added threat of his name being added to the no-fly list.

Completely baffled by the request, Brooks questions her to show him the specific policy that would restrict him from wearing the ‘F*ck Biden’ hoodie, which, predictably, she is unable to provide. In fact, she takes it one step further, saying Brooks’ request would be “inconvenient” to her.

Brooks shot back: “No, you’re making this inconvenient, because last time I checked, I live in the United States of America, with the First Amendment freedom of the press, freedom of speech, or freedom of religion, do I not? – Do I not have the freedom of the press, freedom of religion, or freedom of speech anymore in this country?” He continued.

After getting nowhere with the crew, Brooks can be seen complying with the requests and taking off the sweatshirt, but once he sits back down, they begin harassing him again – this time to pack up his things and get off the plane. Apparently, Brooks’ removing his mask while he took off his hoodie was too much for the delicate Delta employees to handle, even if it was just for the quick moment.

“So I’m still getting kicked off the plane?” Brooks asked.

“Yeah, you’re not putting — wearing the mask,” the flight attendant responded.

“I literally just took off my hoodie,” Brooks said. “If you ask me nice, I will put back on the mask which

I was doing as you came back up here.”



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