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🎥 Cortes & Bannon Embarrass CNBC & Deep State Jim Cramer 7/13/22

July 14, 2022

At this point truth is fleeting - everyone is too dug-in, confused or downright fatigued from all of the gaslighting, lies, contradictions and chaos. While most Americans "know" that "the media lies", they don't understand that it's intentional, malicious. and the depth of the lies is far beyond what most realize. The lies about the Economy have been at the top of the list. Video clips like this one, where Bannon & Cortes use math, charts and statistics to eviscerate the lies from CNBC can go a long way into demonstrating just how fake the fake news really is. Please.....SHARE IF YOU AGREE.

Credit: Steve Bannon/War Room Pandemic:


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