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COVID: Parents Fight to Stop State From Vaccinating Their 14-Year-Old Daughter

The parents of a young teen are embroiled in a legal battle to stop a court from ordering their daughter to receive the Covid vaccine against their wishes, says the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology.

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines, says he’s been retained as an expert witness to testify on the behalf of a mother and father who’s fighting to stop the legal system from vaccinating their 14-year-old daughter.

During an episode of War Room: Pandemic, Malone said, “So, I’ve been called to testify as an expert witness in a court in Boston.

The child who has been removed from their parents’ custody, a 14-year-old,” Malone continued. “And the legal system is insisting on vaccinating this 14-year-old.”

Malone said, “The mother is objecting, and she’s a very senior Biotech executive.” He continued. “She’s highly informed. She’s made the decision not to vaccinate her child based upon the data.”

Malone reiterated, “The courts have removed custody and are trying to force the child to accept vaccination.” He later told host Steve Bannon, “Apparently the 14-year-old wants vaccination and they’re in a conflict with their parents.”

Malone went on to explained that in many parts of the country, officials are offering incentives to get the Covid jab. He questioned the practice, calling it “Outright coercion.”

A report from WTNH in Hartford, Massachusetts, notes that a 12-year-old child in late July received a $1,000 cash prize for getting the Covid vaccine.



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