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Covid President Biden to blame for the new wave of Covid-19 infections- Wayne Allyn Root

As per the Biden administration, the unvaccinated Americans are responsible for the rising Covid cases in the country!

But Wayne Allyn Root knows exactly whom to blame - the ‘Covid President’!

As per him, all hell broke loose as Biden let the ‘illegal aliens’ come in through the borders, who brought the third world illnesses and diseases along with them.

In an article on Gateway Pundit, Wayne writes,

“How many have brought Covid to the USA since Biden became president? Covid was on its way out. America was doing great. Now it’s a new wave of pandemic, despite so many Americans being vaccinated. There’s no surprise here. Connect the dots. This is Biden’s wave of Covid. Biden let them all in. No Covid tests. No Covid treatment. Then he delivered them, free of charge, no questions asked, to your neighborhoods and schools.”

Who else is to blame?

None other than China, who is responsible for unleashing this pandemic on the world!

In a direct attack on China, Wayne writes,

“China is to blame. China sent this bio-weapon our way. China is pure evil. This is China’s pandemic. China is on the hook for $10 trillion or more in damages. China is guilty of mass murder. China caused a world-wide economic Great Depression.”

So why is the Biden administration, Dr. Fauci and the Center for Disease Control scapegoating the unvaccinated Americans and shielding China?

The answer is simple; they want to justify their vaccination strategy since the new wave of Covid-19 infections is majorly among the vaccinated Americans. Many vaccinated people including, New York Yankees players, an NFL coach, Olympic athletes, Texas Democrat lawmakers have Covid. In addition, Israel and UK governments have admitted that the majority of new Covid-19 infections are among those who are already vaccinated.

So is it an attempt to hide a huge farce?



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