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Daszak boasts of a fake $7 Billion grant during a White House meeting

In another shocking incident, Peter Daszak admitted to “faking” $7 Billion pandemic grants while soliciting the Obama administration’s funding for a Chinese Communist-linked Eco-Health Alliance group. He made this comment while speaking on a June 2020 episode of “This Week In Virology.”

Here’s a snippet from the June episode of “This Week In Virology” where you can see Fauci talking about the whole 7 Billion Dollar pandemic grant.

He started out by telling the listeners that he gave a talk at a government meeting and Franca Jones from the Office of Science and Technology Policy was right there. He continued by saying that he kind of faked it by holding out a piece of paper.

“So I had this piece of paper, and I kind of pulled it out and it says ‘it will only cost 7 billion dollars,’ and I saw her write down the number. I thought wow, this isn’t so crazy,” he added.

As reviewed by The National Pulse, Commander France Jones was the then director of medical programs for the Department of Defence’s chemicals and biological defense program.

It is not clear as to on which date did Daszak’s OSTP take place, but according to the visitor log books at the White House, speculations arise that he met with Franca Jones on the 21st of February, 2014. A keynote address from Daszak paved the way for a 6-hour meeting.

The EcoHealth Alliance most likely “executed these ambitions through its collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on collecting samples of “killer” bat coronaviruses.” Many studies later, a lab-made coronavirus emerged that could infect “human cells” with “pandemic potential.”


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