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🟨🎥 Derek Johnson Breaks Down Trump's Mar-A-Lago Speech And Again Proves Q and Devolution are REAL

April 6, 2023

🟨 THIS IS A MUST-SEE. If you are still questioning your "crazy" friends and the truthers who claim that Q is real, the military is in control of the country under Continuity of Government and Donald J Trump is still the legal Commander in Chief, I challenge you to debunk this video.

From Derek:

"A lot of great Comms in this speech. This "indictment" isn't what most of the world thinks it is... as anything else. Have fun with this Operation... You're living through the most Biblical, Historical, Monumental Operation and Continuity of Government all outlined in Laws and Orders."


So, are they or are they not going to poison our food with mRNA crap? I have had enough of the white hats letting them poison us with vax and chemtrails and and and…..

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