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🟨 Derek Johnson: It’s Go Time

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

March 31, 2023

Yes, it’s official. President Trump has been “indicted.”

All I hear is it’s go time 😎

There’s MULTIPLE things that I’ve shown for nearly 7 months that show it’s all a part of the Operation.

“There’s a storm coming, wait for it.”

“We have it all. We’ve caught them all.”

Now, I’m not God, duh, and I’m not receiving direct Intel or anything of that nature, nor do I know what’s coming tomorrow, but we’re a Nation of Laws and Orders… and I live day to day by knowing what those say.

This WHOLE operation has been a joint operation with world allies to expose the Federal Corporation of elite Judges, Lawyers, Politicians, Governors, Attorney Generals, etc. plus war on all kinds of trafficking and exposing stupid wars that the Industrial Complex TV Generals started and didn’t have the balls to stand up to RINOS. AND a Quantum Financial System being installed all over the world as the U.S. Treasury Secretary has already made known the U.S. is bankrupt.

Hence why the Federal Continuity Directives 1 & 2 outline that all THREE BRANCHES of Government are in a Continuity of Government with issue dates of January 17, 2017, and June 13, 2017, with operational dates of 2018-2022 and 2020-2024.

The Military is under a DIRECT ORDER by Donald John Trump with Executive Order 13912 found in 10 US Code 1209, that’s a MILITARY ORDER separate from Civil and Federal Law.

The Donald became an official WARTIME PRESIDENT with 50 U.S. Code 33 Section 1541 use of National Emergencies (10 of them; the last two very specific.) plus MULTIPLE other Laws and Orders.

You’re all witnessing History, which is why it’s very important to try to read and understand the Laws, Orders, Regulations, and Code language because it ALL forms a Blueprint and a movie of a controlled operation taking place.

If all of it is “stupid” and all the names I’ve been called and HATE I’ve received and DEATH THREATS are for nothing then explain why EVERY single Executive Order that DONALD TRUMP declared National Emergencies with a DIRECT MILITARY ORDER along with Executive Order 13912 have been EXTENDED to 2024… why?

First off, how are THAT many Americans so DUMB and BLIND to see he’s not the same Joe?

How are THAT many Americans so DUMB to say it’s “plastic surgery gone wrong”…?

How are THAT many Americans so DUMB to not see ALL of the BLUNDERS, mishaps, gaffs, and not question anything?

Dumb, Lazy, Complacent, Self-Entitled, Spoiled. Let me get back to what made me go viral.

How come “Biden” hasn’t shut down Gitmo? Campaigned half of 2020 on that topic.

How come he’s never mentioned Space Force from his stammering flapping flesh?

How come the United States Army gave him a full grade Military Funeral Service with 3 cannons?

How come Trump received the full grade Military and Constitutional Inauguration service by the OFFICIAL PRESIDENTIAL SALUTE BATTERY with 4 cannons (Presidential Inaugurations)?

We are a Nation of Laws and Orders that’s been ran by a bunch of lying, cheating, corrupt, pompous ass Career Politicians for 150 years… Republicans and Democrats.

It’s ALL a part of the plan. It’s unfortunate many Americans still refuse or simply don’t want to read the Blueprint that will show you what’s going on.

I’ve been on a few videos explaining why if they did arrest him what the play could be…

I’ve refrained from using Q, even though it’s VERY real… Q said “the first arrest will shock the world.”

The problem is… 75% of Americans cannot simply say: Judicial, Legislative, and Executive, when asked the 3 branches of government.

So, what percentage knows Military Laws and Federal Laws or will read a Blueprint…

Still about 95% who are CLUELESS to the simplicities of Government.

So, it had to be done this way. For those few of you who know what’s going on… hang on! It’s part of the plan.

If you’re tired of hearing that? Well, we’re tired of you being tired… cowboy up or get off the ship.

If those who care, want to know why and how I stay calm and know it’s a part of the plan… it’s because the time I put in reading the blueprint of Laws and Orders that paint a very vivid and clear picture.

The more time you put in, the more clearer the movie is. Only you can do that. 💯

👆A LOT of comms in that bad boy ☠️🔥🇺🇸 Let’s gooooo!

There’s a LOT of AWESOME codes in this official statement by CIC Trump.

This particular arrest has nothing to do with Election Interference… major comm that it is ALL part of the plan.

Oh but that’s the beaut! They’re ALL being exposed and Military is the ONLY way 😎

“We have it all. We’ve caught them all.” 💯

“All crimes and evidence of will be displayed to the public in full accordance with the law.” 💯

It has EVERYTHING to do with Election Interference because Election Interference was about trapping and exposing ALL Governors, Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, DOJ, CIA, FBI, etc. the whole corrupt system.

Executive Order 13848 proves EVERYTHING. “Election Interference” signed TWO MONTHS before ANY Election under CIC Trump which means the ONLY evidence they (Military) had was 2016 and prior 🤭

In that order… “although no foreign power has altered the outcome OR vote tabulation”…

Didn’t say domestic…


Outcome means ALL your votes..

Vote Tabulation means ALL electoral count as defined in 3 US Code 15…

It’s VERY keen and specific on the RINOS and Deep State.

It trapped ALL Governors, Attorney Generals, and Judges who didn’t apply and uphold the LAWS in 2018, 2020, and 2022 elections.

All 3 Branches of Government are under a Continuity of Government as outlined in Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2… which means the Courts, Congress, and President knows what’s going on… ☠️

Hence why it’s TITLED a Continuity of Government and time only moves forward 🤣

Amazing how I’m on record saying EO 13848 is the most important piece of Legislation since the Declaration of Independence…

It’s freakin’ EPIC 💯

“Pretty soon we’re going to put our beautiful Flag on the surface of MARS”…

Military Auxiliary Radio System 😎

All in the FCD1 and 2… Emergency Response Groups, Emergency Communications, National Emergencies 💯

“We’re going to obliterate the Deep State.”

“We’re going to tear down some bad and ugly buildings and build new cities.”

“We’re going to decimate street gangs and crime by 75-85%”

All speeches from November 2022 to present day by CIC Trump…

Military Tribunals starting in June as reported by the New York Times December 29, 2021 ☠️

All these Aircraft flying low altitudes, many Reconnaissance Aircraft charting out maps = Emergency Response Groups…

The National Guard out of their state jurisdictions every single day since Executive Order 13912… CIC Trumps DIRECT MILITARY ORDER ☠️

It all adds up. It’s getting GOOD and CLOSE 💯🇺🇸




The Citizens have lost control to prevent confiscation of the wealth of the nation by nefarious actors. The scheme of the income tax, allowed to be arbitrarily escalated by corrupt politicians/financiers since 1913, is the harbinger of the destruction of our society. The 16th Amendment abrogated Sovereignty of the Citizens --- A Sovereign has immunity from taxation by a subordinate political power --- and established an uncontrollable tyranny of corrupt bureaucrats and financiers. The coup is pervasive in today’s society. The Amendment negates the restrictive conditions on Direct and Indirect taxes established by the Founding Fathers.

If a government has political power to impose a tax, it has the power to confiscate 100% of…


Absolutely- interesting also that when in war - NOT all the Intel is shared- THAT WOULD BE DEATH! if people would JUST PAY ATTENTION

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