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Devolution Part 22: "The Ghosts in The Machine" - Inside The Psychological War

"Trump implemented devolution using irregular warfare - and irregular warfare is exactly what we have been seeing unfold since the day the election was stolen. This war has been a battle for the narrative."

Many readers may already be familiar with Devolution. The concept of President Trump using executive war powers to suspend the Constitution & Habeas Corpus and Devolve the Government into Military Control. The details, background information and extensive evidence can be found in our Devolution Section or in Patel Patriot's links below.

I've skipped ahead to part 22 because of it's relevance to where many of us believe we currently stand. With Donald Trump as the legal Commander in Chief, the Military in Operational and Legal control of the Country and a very carefully scripted "movie" being played out in front of our eyes. For those of us who have studied this operation, the evidence is clear that President Trump anticipated the election fraud and used Space Force Intelligence to monitor the election in real-time. The collision of foreign nations and a coordinated domestic insurrection to manipulate the election results, constitutes an act of war. Trump had every right and a legal OBLIGATION to protect the Constitution at all costs.

But what could he do when 90% of the media is in on it? Nothing team Trump could have said or shown would have made it past the media firewall that had declared Biden the winner before the word "fraud" could be uttered. Social Media censorship of the word and anyone associated it virtually ensured that any effort by Trump to call in the military back in 2020 would have resulted in a Civil War. That was not an option. The only safe option that would cause the least damage and loss of life was Devolution - step away, allow the fake Biden administration to step in and work from behind the scenes to take out the criminals, expose their true agenda and sway public opinion to the truth. Only then will it be safe for the military to restore the rightful President.

Since January of 2021, the US has led a coalition of global militaries that have been working behind the scenes to remove the globalist criminal element that has infested every level of State, Local and Federal Governments, Hollywood, the Media, Big Tech, Big Corporations and even Sports. As we have discussed extensively, this is a Global conflict, with many of the same issues being dealt with from Canada to Europe, and as far as Australia and New Zealand. Corruption, embezzlement, rigged elections, human trafficking, trampling of human rights and more.

After the public is being "shown" a very real, yet controlled version of America under the Globalist-controlled "Biden" administration. One that day after day, conveniently exposes itself, its media cohorts and everyone in between. The public is being awakened by exposure of the same corrupt tactics that have been used for years, but masked by previous corrupt Administrations. Again, I encourage everyone to read more in our Devolution section.

On to Patels Part 22 - Irregular Warfare:

The Devolution Series, along with my interviews and Devolution Power Hours can be found on my website:

You can find me on Truth Social: @patelpatriot | Find me on Telegram here:

I will admit that this article was one of the more challenging to write due to all the different pieces that needed to be tied together. I’ll do my best to make sense of it. I’m hoping by the end of the article you’ll have a better understanding of what we have been living through under this Biden “presidency.”

Throughout the Devolution series, I have been highlighting the events that have led me to the thesis that some form of continuity of government is currently in play. A recent YouTube video has led me down another rabbit hole in which I found more evidence supporting the theory.

Here is that video:


There are multiple reasons as to why I think this video is significant. A lot of those reasons I’ll discuss at the end of this article. What I want to discuss right now is who released it.

The video was put out by the 4th PSYOP Group:

“PSYOP forces are masters of influence - the core of information warfare.”

Let those words sink in.

The 4th PSYOP group conducts influence activities and plays a key role in information warfare.

“Narratives are at the center of irregular warfare.”

Herein lies the entire point I’m trying to make. Trump and his team knew all along that the crimes of the political establishment were going to culminate with them stealing the election. He repeatedly told us the election would be stolen. They also knew he would have no choice but to walk away. It was the only thing he could do to avoid civil war.

He implemented devolution using irregular warfare - and irregular warfare is exactly what we have been seeing unfold since the day the election was stolen.

This war has been a battle for the narrative.

Ever since Joe Biden was “inaugurated”, his legitimacy has been eroding. Many of us already knew it was a stolen election, but this battle for the narrative is taking place over the normies. Is there any doubt why Donald Trump always called the MSM the enemy of the people? They are the ones who have been controlling the narrative for so long. Since January 20th, 2021, the MSM has been losing control of their grip on the narrative, piece by piece. Think of the change in narratives that has occurred since Joe Biden’s Inauguration (just off the top of my head)

  • Russian Collusion, Spygate, and the Durham investigation

  • Impeachments 1 and 2

  • Covid-19

    • 2 weeks to slow the spread

    • Masks work then don’t work

    • Trump tried killing people pushing HCQ

    • Vaccines Work

    • Vaccines are effective

    • and much more

  • Biden Corruption

  • Hunter Biden Laptop

  • Most secure election in history

  • January 6th

  • Every single aspect of Joe Biden’s Presidency

Each one of these narratives, and many not included, have been dismantled in a coordinated and precise assault.

2000 Mules is part of that assault. It’s eroding one of the most important narratives that America’s enemies would like to hold onto - that the 2020 election was the most secure in history and Joe Biden is legitimate. We see more evidence coming out almost daily that is chipping away at this narrative, and now that Truth Social is up and running while Twitter is flatlining, the flow of information and narrative control is changing hands.

Another author by the name of SLAG pointed out another interesting observation from the video:

The video is openly talking about the inflatable tanks they used in WW2 - A PSYOP that directly led to the successful invasion of Normandy. SLAG is right that this appears to be trolling.

The release of this video from the 4th PSYOP Group tells me the outcome is already decided. You don’t put stuff like this out unless you’ve already won. A PSYOP group like this can only be successful in the shadows.


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