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Eventbrite SUPPRESSES MI “Deep Rig” Movie Night: Evidence of Voter Fraud is “Harmful Misinformation"

The war against conservatives keeps raging on further.

Eventbrite, a corporate ticket and event planner recently deleted a conservative movie screening of Patrick Byrne’s “Deep Rig” in Michigan. This documentary was proof of the 2020 Presidential elections being stolen as 150 tickets were cancelled and refunded without prior notice.

An organizer vented his frustration, “They just cancelled us out of the blue, and all the contact info for people who signed up is gone. All the revenue is gone. We relied on this American company to serve American people talking about political issues without this kind of discrimination. It’s obscene!”

The de-platforming of Conservatives is the new-found agenda of Big Tech that wishes to suppress the voice of hundreds and thousands of Conservatives.

The Left-wing extremists are taking it way ahead in terms of politics and suppression of freedom.


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