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🦠 EXCLUSIVE: CDC COVID-19 Hospitalization Data Will Shock You – What the Media is Not Showing You!

Guest post by Bob Bishop via The Gateway Pundit

COVID-19 Hospitalization Data Challenges Biden Administration and CDC Histrionics.

The Biden Administration, Saint Fauci the Valiant, and the CDC technocrats are fearmongering by repeating speculation new COVID-19 variants are starting another deadly wave.

The vast majority of the population is healthy and has little or no risk for a severe COVID-19 infection. The focus should be on the most susceptible population for potential severe and lethal conditions. A new CDC study bears this out.

The CDC just released in its Preventing Chronic Diseases Journal (July 2021 Volume 18, E66) a study with a large sample of Convid-19 hospitalizations (4.9 million admissions) from March 2020 – March 2021. The study concluded that comorbidities (two or more diseases or medical conditions) cause severe COVID-19 illness.

Hospitalization Statistics

Only 5.1% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients were ICU admissions. The volume of the patients hospitalized with comorbidities was 82.4%, with a death rate of 1.9%. So if you are healthy, there is little risk of hospitalization or even death.

The risk of death while hospitalized was extremely low at .3% for patients with no comorbidities. The risk of death rises with each increment of conditions. Stratifying morality rates for comorbidities for those with 2-5 conditions, the rate was 1.4%, 6-10 conditions were 2.0%, and over ten conditions were 3%. Below is a summary of the hospitalization data.

The highest prevalence of underlying conditions associated with severe COVID-19 illness were hypertension, lipid metabolism disorders, obesity, diabetes complications, coronary atherosclerosis, and other heart diseases.

The televised hospital discharge celebrations demonstrate many of the patients were morbidly obese.

The health bureaucrats, until recently, claimed there weren’t a sufficient number of ventilators to intubate patients who didn’t have the ability to breathe. The overall intubation rate for hospitalized patients was a surprisingly low 1.6%. The risk of being put on a ventilator rises with the number of comorbidities. Once a patient is on a ventilator, the survival rate appears to be abysmally low.


The healthcare bureaucrats failed miserably by not instituting a selective quarantine for those with comorbidities and adequately educating the general public. The promotion of the experimental mRNA antigen vaccine violates informed consent process where the health care provider educates a patient about the risks, benefits, and alternatives of a given procedure or intervention.

Increasing the immune system using D3 and C vitamins, Melatonin, and zinc was swept under the rug to promote the pharmaceutical industry’s experimental vaccine. Several re-purposed drugs like Hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc, Ivermectin, Remdesivir, and magnesium have proven effective in combating COVID-19 infections, alleviating suffering, and reducing hospitalizations and deaths. The last thing the medical-industrial complex wants is an informed public taking responsibility for their health.

The CDC now demanding the public to re-mask confirms vaccinations do not stop you from catching COVID or transmitting it. Many more severe infections will continue to occur due to ignoring traditional therapies. Blaming the unvaccinated populous for spreading COVID is immoral.

Bob Bishop, MSHA, is a retired CPA.


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