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Fake News? 🎥 Trump Signs Transfer Doc, Family, Friends Abruptly Depart DC Citing Safety Concerns

I would be very suspicious of both stories. On the surface, they appear normal, but a number of things don't add up.

If there were truly credible threats against the president, he will be moved to a secure location long before any information reach the press or the public.

A quick online search for the gentle and posting these videos and you'll find very few online results for somebody who has a public-facing position within the White House or Press Pool.

I personally do not recall ever seeing a "signing" of any paperwork related to the transfer of power. The President is the President until someone else utters "so help me God" on the steps of the Capitol.

The President's personal pictures are removed from the credenza behind his desk. Even if he is moving out in 72 hours, the White House has a very strict tradition about not moving any personal belongings until the President leaves the White House on the morning of the inauguration.

There are 25,000 troops occupying DC in addition to the thousands of Federal and Secret Service agents that normally protect the White House.

No one would be allowed to use a call phone for any purposes around Air Force One if there were a credible threat.

It seems there is another plan in motion here...



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