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FDA Colluded With USPS To Destroy Ivermectin Packages Sent To Patients Via Mail

Ivermectin is censured

Some people don’t want this drug to be used in hospitals. People are dying just because they aren’t allowed to take Ivermectin. Instead of using it, these “people” force us to take deadly jabs.

The FDA got wrapped in another scandal. The agency was accused of attempting to confiscate and destroy Ivermectin.

Yes, the agency wastes time destroying packages instead of releasing documents about the Pfizer jab. Hypocrites!

“Hospitalized COVID-19 patients were denied cheap, effective treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Instead, hospital protocols killed hundreds of thousands of Americans with toxic remdesivir and ventilators.”

The FDA tried to stop Americans from using the drug.


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