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FDA Warns Children Under 12 Should Not Receive COVID Vaccine

By Human Events Staff | August 24, 2021

According to the FDA, children under 12-years-old should not receive the COVID-19 vaccine yet, as regulators await data on safety, dosage and efficacy.

As previously reported by Human Events News, the Pfizer vaccine received FDA approval Monday for those above the age of 16. In May, emergency approval for the shot expanded to individuals ages 12 to 15, per Fox News. Children above the age of 8 may be eligible by September.

“Ordinarily, as you know, when a medical product is approved, physicians often do use off-label prescribing,” acting FDA commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock told reporters on a call Monday.

“However this is a different situation. The vaccine is being distributed under provider agreement by the U.S. government through the CDC and there are many considerations that would pertain to off-label prescribing for the recipient and so forth.”

“We are not recommending that children younger than age 12 be vaccinated with this vaccine,” she continued. “It would not be appropriate.”



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