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For a 'crazy conspiracy theory' QAnon is getting a lot of Media attention

Former WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, she put out a tweet earlier this week and it seems the mainstream media was very concerned about its content.

So lets take a look at this 'dangerous' Tweet.

"Signing off with a final notable quote from Joe Biden during his town hall this evening. Everyone knows I love kids better than people."

Of course, we all knew that. And all of a sudden what happened? Jake Tapper went crazy over this.

Why? And this is what CNN's Jake Tapper wrote:

"From a former White House colleague of McEnany. This is one hundred percent meant to stir up the 'Q Anon' crowd. Awful."

Then Kayleigh responded to that tweet and and it says the following:

"I tweeted a revealing, bizarre quote from Joe Biden that underscores his horrific pro-choice anti child policies that have dehumanized. Life, Mexico City policy, etc CC: Jake Tapper, your source should put the name on the record if she claims to know the intent of my tweets."

Now, why did Jake Tapper all of a sudden say this has to do with Q Anon? Because astute "Anons" put out a "Q-Proof". They looked at Kaliegh's tweet, saw the time stamp of 12:05, went to post #1205.

And it says the following:

There's a picture of the 'Spirit Cooker', Marina Abramovic and an email from WikiLeaks about this.

This is why they brought it up.

Why are they so interested in Q-Anon if its is 'just a conspiracy theory' that is not true?. They wouldn't care! Are they bringing up all the UFO and Bigfoot people and flat Earth people? No.

Why not? Why are they only bringing up QAnon?

First of all, there is no 'QAnon.' Its ""Q and "Anon's", there's no "QAnon", it doesn't exist.

And what is "Q" and "Anons?"

Nothing more this than a bunch of online posts that tells users certain information that they need to do research on. It's much like a teacher coming out and saying, "listen, here's your assignment: I'm going to give you some clues. I'm going to give you some "bread" and I want you to go out there and I want you to do a little bit of research, tell me what you find."

Why are they so afraid of this?

Why are they afraid of this type of information?

There's not ONE person standing up saying, "follow me, let's do this."

Everyone thinks for themselves. Everyone has their own mind. Nobody's 'following' anyone. Everyone's just looking at the information, that is it.

Now, Compare this to BLM or ANTIFA, where they get together and they formulate elaborate plans to cause anarchy and destruction. They dress up in black, they hurt people. They burn things down. They coordinate their tactics to have people say, go into the Capitol break windows.

So, ask yourself. Why are the Dems and the Mainstream Media Cartel so afraid of the letter 'Q'?

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