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Foreign Media Reporting on Biden’s Afghanistan Dumpster Fire

August 25, 2021

It is worth taking a look at the headlines and stories being written about the unfolding disaster in Afghanistan and the British media’s shock at Biden’s incompetence.

Here’s what the UK’s Telegraph is writing:

Biden administration accused of ‘gaslighting’ public over situation in Kabul as Taliban turn evacuees away

The Guardian’s Patrick Wintour displays extreme consternation over Biden’s rebuff of the G-7:

In the end it took only seven minutes for Joe Biden to pour salt into the wounds of his fractured relationship with European leaders, telling them firmly on a video call that he would not extend the 31 August deadline for US troops to stay in Kabul, as he had been asked by the French, Italians and most of all the British.
For Europe the episode has been a rude awakening, and a moment of sober reassessment. . . Biden after all had said his foreign policy would only be as strong as his system of alliances, the true shield of the republic, and Europe would be at the heart of that system. . . . European hopes that Biden might acknowledge the damage done by his handling of the Afghan withdrawal by at least accepting the US troops may stay a day or two beyond the 31 August deadline have for the moment been dashed. . . . Biden’s decision has left Boris Johnson with little on which to cling after making such a public pitch for Biden to extend the deadline.

Guy Adams at the Daily Mail is scathing:

Afghanistan’s chilling new face of terror: ‘ISIS-K’ slaughter patients in their hospital beds, bomb girls schools… and see the Taliban as far too liberal. Their latest victory? Joe Biden is running scared of them.

The scale of this debacle cannot be understated. It will endure beyond the normal new cycle. I was 24 years old when Iranian radicals stormed our Embassy in Tehran. Most Americans were furious at this humiliation. The Carter Administration could not spin its way out. The images of American hostages tattooed the soul of the American public. This paved the way for Ronald Reagan’s election a year later.

Here are a couple of things we may see in the coming weeks courtesy of the Taliban:

  • Public executions of American “spies”.

  • The Taliban will set up their version of Guantanamo and jail suspected “terrorists” who are American citizens

This is a pile of rotting flesh that the Democrats will not be able to sweep under the rug.


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