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🚨🎥 French Protests Turn Deadly After Macron "Wins" "Rigged" Presidential Election

April 24, 2022

It's not just here. The French Citizens were well aware of the Globalist's intentions to ensure their puppet, Emmanuel Macron, remained in power.

Despite sporting an approval rating in the mid 30's, the French are told that Macron is projected to have won the 2022 contest with 58.8 percent of the vote compared to 41.2 percent for the National Rally leader Marine Le Pen. Yea, RIGHT.

Within minutes of the announcement, angry protestors had already taken to the streets to voice their disappointment.

One clip circulating on social media even appears to show protesters making a "savage" chant about the French President.

The crowd, who have been gathering in numbers for some time, can be heard shouting in French: "Louis XVI, Louis XVI, we beheaded him, Macron, Macron we can start again."

Louis XVI, who was the last King of France before being overthrown during the French Revolution, was executed by guillotine in 1793.

With protests seeming to grow in size and scale, this issue seems to be FAR from over.

[🇫🇷The situation in Paris has taken a deadly turn as it's being reported police opened fire on a vehicle which refused to comply, early indications suggest 2 dead.]

[🇫🇷As Le Pen concedes defeat and Macron strolls for the cameras, offset, the people revolt.]

[🇫🇷French police charge the crowds in Paris as Macron's lot try and drown out the noise around the corner with blaring music.]

[🇫🇷Bricks and bottles going one way, teargas and officers the other as clashes continue in central Paris following Macron being elected.]

[🇫🇷French police forced to retreat as bottles rain down on them as they charge, no way Macron can't hear or see this.]


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