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๐Ÿ“ˆ Frightening Child Stats Reveal Crisis Created by Lockdowns & Mask Mandates ๐Ÿ“ˆ

A crisis much worse than COVID-19 has emerged and America's children are in its crosshairs.

President Trump was questioned, ridiculed, panned, abused and called reckless and irresponsible. We of course now know that COVID-19 is no more deadly than the common flu and the insanity created by the Media was the product of a much larger global conspiracy. If this is a surprise to anyone reading, I suggest you start doing some research outside of the Google/FB/Twitter/Instagram world.

Those guilty of the baseless and treasonous propaganda claims will have many more years for apologies to #45 when this is all over, rest assured. But right now, the bigger issue is the irreprible harm that the greatest global conspiracy in human history has already caused. While many of the downstream effects of the Covid hoax will not be realized for many years, some frightening new figures are already surfacing. As President Trump stated early on, the solution cannot be worse than the problem. In this case, the lockdown and masking "solution" is FAR worse.

We will have many years to quantify the millions of innocent people who will be affected by death and unchecked disease brought on by a lack of routine screenings during quarantine. The sudden heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other deadly afflictions that will rob millions of their lives and many more of their loved ones.

But right now, we have a growing crisis among the nations most fragile, our children. While the nations most powerful and most corrupt union is holding the nation's schools hostage and promoting false and misleading information to the rank and file teachers, children are suffering through the worst psychological crisis in history. It is sickening that ANY teacher would refuse to return to work at this point. They have been paid for the entire year while millions of Americans have lost businesses, jobs, homes and struggle to put food on the table. Their union leadership has had no issue flying to Puerto Rico and posting images on social media, while claiming their own classrooms are unsafe. The hypocrisy goes well beyond the burden of proof for gross negligence.

The ultimate penalty for their sins will never bring back the kids that are irreparably harmed or worse, have taken their own lives. We can only hope union leadership will eventually be brought to justice for their crimes.


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