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🎥 Geddes: "Holding the Line" — Right to The Finish

November 6, 2022

It’s a pretty crappy realisation that pretty much every institution you trusted is controlled by criminals, and you live in a Big Brother type society where most people are in love with their captors. All the lies used to manipulate us create anomalies, and those are the beginning of a journey of “awakening” to the scale of the cruel deceptions that surround us. The midterm elections in the United States are a forcing function to push the hoaxes and scams into the light (whether the polls happen or not).

The world is about to change radically, ready or not.

In a paradoxical way the closer to the end we get the harder it is, since impatience for justice becomes an obsession. We can withdraw from those who mock and abuse us, and form new ties with others of good conscience, but it inevitably creates distress when we lose friends and loved ones to a death cult. The is a war of “holding the line” and staying sane enough to function in a world deliberately disordered into chaotic insanity. I am sure I am not the only one who falls asleep and wakes up with the pain of betrayal throbbing in my soul.

In this little video I share my reflections on this process of “holding the line”. I find it much easier when I focus outside of myself, and on the job of protecting the young and innocent. Spending last night at a bonfire party with lots of grandchildren of a good friend was a tonic I needed. We cannot slack off in the quest to protect them, and be ready to take back our countries once military rule and martial law is over. Those who colluded and connived will have to face the fact we no longer trust or respect them: if you think holding the line is hard, just wait until you see the consequences of letting go.

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This review burned a beautiful hole into my soul today 02-05-2024 Thanks for posting this it is up now on my site -

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