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🚨 🎥 Here Are The Hunter Biden iCloud Leaks Mainstream Media Won't Show You

A new trove of Hunter Biden videos and images has allegedly been released.

By Andrew Chapados | Rebel News

July 11, 2022

In 2020, just weeks before the U.S. Presidential election, the 'Hunter Biden laptop story' broke worldwide and was quickly dismissed as 'unverified' and labelled as Russian propaganda by then Presidential candidate Joe Biden, who cited "five former heads of the C.I.A." as credible sources who denied the veracity of the Hunter Biden leaks.

The new alleged leaks from Hunter Biden's iCloud backup data are extremely odd to say the least and include a litany of illicit drug use, prostitution, and other curious activities. Note that these are not downloaded from the original source/leak/hack and images/videos may be out of date or doctored.

In a thread labelled "Messages with Dad," an image was sent of a man having sex with a woman, followed by a photo of some form of Hunter Biden's I.D. six days later.

This appears to be a video of Hunter arguing over how much crack cocaine he has:

He also allegedly texts a person by the name of 'Pedo Peter' and says "I love you pop":

Things only get more strange. Here's Hunter in a car with what appears to be George Soros:

Another set of text messages appear to be an argument over what ethnicity of women he wants.

Lastly, a compilation video created by a 'fan' of much of the transgressions of Hunter Biden and different women, including frequent nude videos of Hunter himself in a tub as well as running into a body of water.


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