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🚨HISTORY in 2020: The Democrat-BLM War on Police & Civil Society Resulted in 25% More US Homicides

In April 2020 Democrats, Black Lives Matter, Hollywood, NBA, the tech giants, and Major US Corporations launched their official War on Police across the United States.

The consequences of their actions have been devastating, resulting in 1,990 more homicides in urban centers this past year.

The Democrat War on Civil Society resulted in a 25% increase in homicides across the major urban centers across the United States.

Yes, We can all blame this on Democrats.

The Major City Chiefs Association’s year-end violent crime survey saw 1,990 more murders in 2020 than in 2019. This is an absolutely horrendous number. It is completely the result of the Democrat Party’s war on civility and civil society.

Here are the homicide numbers from the major urban centers across the US in 2020.

The red ink denotes an increase in homicides and crime:



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