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📺‘If 100 million people get the shot, 3 million of them will be prone to a permanent injury,’ claim

Herd immunization through vaccination is the key to control the pandemic effectively. Like smallpox and polio vaccines, it helps build mass immunity, ultimately eradicating the disease. It took many years to develop a vaccine for these with at least 95-98% efficacy while establishing safety through proper trials. But, hasty approval of these vaccines for emergency use on masses is a skeptical approach.

The fundamental principle of vaccination of 'first do no harm' should always be held sacrosanct. But this does not seem to be the case with Trump-hating trash ‘comedian’ Chelsea Handler, who got her second dose of Moderna vaccine and experienced certain side effects. According to her, she got sick within four hours of getting the shot.

“Ok, so I got my second shot of Moderna today and I feel really sick and it’s only been four hours and I’m deaf in one ear.”

In a video posted on Instagram, she could be seen nervously asking her followers if they experienced any of these side effects.

“I thought I was gonna get sick tomorrow…but I feel sick. Did this happen to other people? Please tell me.”

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted the vaccines an Emergency Use Authorization to tackle the Coronavirus Disease pandemic. But, there is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19. Keeping that in mind, should the authorities not communicate the side effects of the vaccines?

On the contrary, the big techs are censoring those who are critical of the vaccine. The Communists at YouTube deleted a viral video of Dr Ryan Cole explaining the dangers of the Covid vaccine in an interview with Rumble.

Dr Cole, the owner of Cole Diagnostics, has repeatedly warned about the mRNA vaccine vocalizing his concern against the experimental Covid shots.

In an interview on Rose Unplugged 1320 WJAS on Rumble, he said, “We’ve seen more deaths from this shot than all vaccines in the last 20 years combined — and that’s just in the first 4 to 5 months.”

He also recalled a study that claims that 3% of injuries from Covid vaccines would be permanent.

“If you figure 100 million people got the shots, that’s 3 million with a permanent injury.”

He believes that the vaccines are leading to 'really strange adverse reactions.' He also said that if we try to vaccinate against Coronaviruses, it leads to hyperimmune reactions in the long run. This reason is enough to justify why no authority ever approved any vaccine for this family of the virus so far.

Since we do not have the benefit of time, he suggests vaccinating those at higher risk of infection and letting the rest of the population be, therefore proving the safety and efficacy of the vaccine over time.

If the vaccines cause permanent injuries, why is the government pushing the people into getting vaccinated? Why are they silencing the discussions on vaccine efficacy and safety? Should we expect any answers?



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