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Italy Higher Institute of Health: Covid Deaths With No Co-Morbidity Corrected From 132,161 to 3,783

November 8, 2021

ITALY – Only 3,783 deaths out of the reported 132,161 in Italy were attributed solely to COVID-19, according to a Higher Institute of Health report.

The virus was listed as the cause of death in cases where it was reportedly only “suspected” or if it “could not be ruled out.” Respiratory infections could have been contributing factors, the report said, but weren’t the actual cause of the deaths on their own.

“Because the PCR test (that was designed to detect covid-19) was fraudulently-calibrated from the start,” Natural News said, “even these 3,783 cases of covid-19 are suspect. Symptoms of respiratory infection could have been the result of any number of infections that kill people every year, whether that be influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia or countless other lower and upper respiratory tract infections.

“Viral infections do not have the same effect on one person to the next due to several underlying factors including the cellular and microbiome terrain, so it is extremely difficult to accurately diagnose a specific respiratory infection and quantify viral load.”

The other Italians who perished, according to the report, had between one and five other diseases.

“The deaths are real, but the causes are skewed,” the report said.

The difference in Italy’s reported death toll is not a question of whether or not people are dying. We are seeing deaths. The question is regarding the categorization of said deaths and the use of inflated numbers that are used for fearmongering. If a person has diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and is an alcoholic, they have a higher likelihood of dying with or without any virus, Covid or not. COVID may have made these deaths more imminent, but so could have the common cold in cases such as these.

Italy is reported to have reached an 80% vaccination rate for those over 12 last month, and yet they’re still issuing COVID-19 “health passes” as a “test case” for Europe.

A rise in new cases and deaths due to COVID-19 are being reported in Italy. The death rate is currently reported as 2.8% in the country, pre-adjustment for other comorbidities.



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