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🎥 Kash Patel & Chris Miller: First CO-Interview & They BRING THE RECEIPTS on The Jan 6th Lies

June 12, 2022

There is a multitude of importance in this video. On the surface, the details which Miller & Patel outline about January 6th are indisputable proof of the lies being perpetuated by the illegal "Congressional" Committee. BUT, below the surface there is much more happening.

Those who are awake know that Patel & Miller currently play a MAJOR role in the ongoing military operation of our true Government, with Donald Trump as its legal President. So, the fact that they are appearing together in an interview for the first time is significant. But even MORE significant:

-Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller starts the interview by noting that it's D-Day and then makes a very overt analogy to today. He thanked Hannity for "taking this on" and noted that 78 years ago folks like themselves would be on the front lines during D day and goes on to say that "This is our front line now" - referring to the news and the ongoing information and propaganda war. Lastly, Miller notes that he and Kash haven't done an interview because they have "been separated, so there wasn't an appearance of collusion." Very similar to the oft-repeated phrase within the Q drops: "OPTICS ARE IMPORTANT"

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