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Laptop From Hell: Watchdog Says Hunter Biden & Partners Committed 459 Legal Violations

Ekaterina Blinova | Sputnik

Marco Polo, a non-profit founded by former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler, has released a 630-page analysis of Hunter Biden's "laptop from hell." The report provides a roadmap for GOP Congress deputies and prosecutors to pursue charges against President Joe Biden’s son and his business partners.

A team of cyber detectives brought together by ex-Trump aide Garrett Ziegler has unveiled a report after a year-long examination of Hunter Biden's infamous "laptop from hell." The Ziegler team claims to have found at least 459 legal violations by the US president's son and his associates.

The one-gigabyte report reviews the laptop’s emails, videos, calendar items, photographs, phone records, financial documents and more, while presenting a huge number of screenshots. Hunter's alleged crimes include serving as an agent for foreign entities without disclosing so, tax fraud, falsifying business documents, prostitution, non-consensual pornography, and distribution of narcotics, according to the reports' authors.

"I’ve been focusing on this for 13 months," Ziegler told The Daily Wire. "It was really a thing of necessity. I recognized how rich the material was. It requires utter focus."

The Daily Wire pointed out that "the timing of the report’s release, coming two weeks before the midterm elections, has certain symmetry to the laptop’s initial introduction to the public."

The first bombshell concerning Hunter's laptop was dropped by the New York Post in October 2020, a few weeks before the elections.

However, US social media giants suppressed the story while 51 ex-US intelligence officials denounced the exposure as "Russian disinformation."

However, a lot has reversed since then: the US mainstream media has admitted that the laptop’s files are authentic, while independent forensic investigators confirmed that all the data belongs to Hunter Biden. For his part, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey acknowledged that censoring the laptop story was a mistake.

Marco Polo, a non-profit formed by Ziegler, stated that a goal of the investigation was to provide US Congress deputies and prosecutors a roadmap to pursue charges. The group has already sent its report to every member of Congress.

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