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Left-wing spreads its propaganda with “highly credible” fact checking sites

Left-wing spreads its propaganda with “highly credible” fact-checking sites

What could get worse? The left-wing propaganda is spreading through the air and dominating the mainstream media. The gatekeepers of facts are cloaked behind anonymous names, and they have no biases, but in reality, they are liberal activists without any journalism experience.

“Fact-checking is an imminent necessity because “you’re not intelligent enough to adequately read, research and or rationalize for yourself,” the socialist arbiters of truth proclaim, “so, you must rely on us to filter out the ‘fake news.'”

To reinforce misinformation, the fact-check site used by Google list all conservative outlets as “low credibility” and others with liberal mainstream outlets as “high credibility.”

With this list, various contributors and owners of these sites surfaced, and it is interesting how the left funds a majority of these “highly credible” sites.

There are quite some interesting revelations in this study that we think are worthy of notice.



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