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🎥 Lights Out! There's No One at The White House, Enjoy The Show!

March 26, 2021

RumbleThe White House is the most heavily secured residential structure in the world. Security features include hundreds of armed Secret Service Agents, bullet and blast-proof windows and doors, hidden artillery, ground proximity sensors, underground bunkers, tunnels and much much more that remains classified. It's all but impossible to get near the building alive. Nothing is left to chance - ever. Despite the security protocols, the building has gone dark every night at 11pm on the dot. Does this make sense? Of course not! Lights are the most basic feature of any secured facility. The White House, like most important DC structures is flooded in light, 24 hours a day. Would the Secret Service ever agree to shutting off the uplighting and perimeter security lights when the "President" is home? Absolutely Not! Much much more is at play here....


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